Monday, August 14, 2006

A 17th minute?

We're working overtime here to keep up to date on all things McGreevey!

As soon as we finished our post about the fading interest in Jim's book among Garden Staters, we noticed that Jimbo is looking to Joan Rivers and Bravo for his next gig. From Page Six:
Jim ("I am a gay American") McGreevey might have a new job soon - as one of the homosexual hosts on the talk show Joan Rivers is launching this fall on Bravo that's described as a queer version of "The View." Rivers is hiring three male co-hosts. After auditioning dozens, she's said to have eliminated all but the final 10, one of whom is the former New Jersey governor. Rivers was overheard telling an associate, "I am mad about the ex-governor. I am dancing down the streets."

Joan, can we talk? What gives, girl? No disrespecting the gay ex-gov, but come on . . . a TV host she's not.

Please, can we turn our attention back to Lance Bass's boyfriend or shirtless pics of Jared Leto?

seriously. this duck-man is just blah. unless he is poolside at the dice, i dont want anything to do with him.

Joan, ummm, pick me!
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