Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lance's slice of beefcake

I'll admit that there is something about Lance Bass that I find unexplainably attractive. Not so much in his Boy Band stage, but I think grown-up Lance is somewhat cute (especially with the facial scruff in the picture on the cover of his "I'm Gay" People magazine spread).

With that said, and with all due respect Lance, how the f**k did you land Reichen Lehmkuhl (pictured here)? Lehmkuhl, the Air Force pilot turned reality TV star (Amazing Race) turned gay activist is on a field of play only few in the gay world can ever aspire to play on. I guess Lance somehow got picked for that team, albeit probably the last to get chosen, after the hot lesbian.

Anyways, maybe Reichen -- who is trying to become a star of some sort in his own right -- is working his way to the Hollywood A-list by making his way through the D, C and B list first. Should I be so cynical? Maybe they really are interested in each other? Maybe its love?

Or maybe Reichen is just looking to sell some books. If that is the case, I hope Lance dumps him ASAP. Just have one last romp in the bedroom first, ok?

good lord, mr. bass. well done.
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