Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Carla gets it. Corzine doesn't.

A few months ago, Governor Jon Corzine announced his support for full gay marriage in New Jersey but informed voters that he wouldn't seek such legislation until 2009.

Why the wait?

Well, de didn't want Democrats to have to deal with the issue during the 2008 election.

So let me get this straight (no pun intended), you'd rather not tackle difficult issues if it might just cost you a campaign win? Wow, really a man of honor.

I was pleased to see Corzine's ex-gal pal, Carla Katz, take him (and the New York Times) to task for this "justice delayed is ok if we win the White House" policy.

As Carla said: "The truth is, same-sex marriage is not a ‘gay' issue. It is a civil rights issue, pure and simple."

So Jon, stop being a petty partisan and fight for what you believe in.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

People, Christmas Can Start in December

Last I checked, November 9th does not the Christmas Season make. So then why two weeks ago did Macy*s have some Christmas decorations already up, and why pray tell, is Fred Claus opening this weekend?!!!? And I actually wouldn't mind seeing this movie....around Christmas though. I do root for Vince Vaughn, and lately Paul Giamatti, but nothing about this movie is acceptable anymore, right? This movie will be played out by Thanksgiving weekend and then what?

Christmas movies, etc. can start the day after Thanksgiving and that is at the earliest. And Thanksgiving even comes earlier this year, so maybe we should even through it back to the first or second week of December. It just doesn't make sense.

Box-office was a bit lackluster. $19 mill. Had it opened at a more appropriate time, when people wanted to see a Christmas movie, I am sure it would have done a lot better. This really isn't rocket-science. It is a Christmas-Vince Vaughn movie.

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