Saturday, January 12, 2008


I will make this brief (and incorrect). Roger could be ailing, but most likely not. Serena is throwing down the gauntlet, again, but did she let me down too much last year? Davenport is back in action, only to get a 2nd round match against Maria Sharapova, who is questionable...maybe. Justine simply must be stopped at all costs. Nadal isn't doing it for me in Australia, neither is Djokovic. I am just not seeing much from them so soon in the season. Again, I will be wrong all over the place.

Mens: Quarters:
Federer over Gonzalez
Nalbandian over Tursunov
Murray over Youzhny
Roddick over Moya

Federer over Nalbandian
Murray over Roddick

Final: Federer over Murray
13th Slam, one more til a Sampras tie!

Women....Anyone, but Justine, remember!

Quarters: Henin over Sharapova
Serena over Schnyder
Venus over Ivanovic
Szavay over Safarova

Semis: Henin over Serena (ack!)
Venus over Szavay

Final: Venus over Justine.

Eat it, Justine

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