Sunday, August 13, 2006

NJ to Jim: We're SO over you!

Is Jim McGreevey's 16th minute of fame just about over?

No one knows for sure exactly when he'll drop off the radar, but it seems from a new poll out of Monmouth University that his former constiuents think it should have already happened:

Perhaps New Jerseyans already know too much about Jim McGreevey, who two years ago declared himself "a gay American" and announced he would resign as governor.

Or maybe they just don't care.

Either way, when it comes to McGreevey's tell-all book, The Confession, a new poll indicates that few state residents will be buying when it is released Sept. 19.

In the Monmouth University poll, released yesterday, 79 percent reported "absolutely no interest" in reading the 384-page memoir. Merely 5 percent reported "a lot of interest," and 14 percent a "little interest."

So who are the 5% that are very interested? According to David Rebovich, a political science professor at Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, its anyone involved in New Jersey politics. Why? Rebovich says "I think they're mostly hoping their names aren't in the index."

We here at the Pot and Kettle don't yet know how we feel about the public's fading interest in Jim. On the one hand, McGreevey, even two years after his resignation, is good fodder for blogging and the release of his book and publication of his Garden State Parkway rest stop trysts will certainly lead to at least a little chit-chat pre- and post-Oprah. Plus, we are still waiting to be invited to a pool party and to meet his new beau, Mark O'Donnell!

On the other hand, its time for the gay-American ex-governor to slip back into society and let us all move on to discuss more important things. Like how f**king hot Lance Bass's boyfriend is.

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