Saturday, October 20, 2007

3rd and Long

Friday Night Lights? What is going wrong? It is pretty much the question of the fall season. The third episode of the FNL season has passed and there is a LOOONG way to go for this show to get back on track. Did they hire new writers? Not only are the story lines increasingly absurd, but even the dialogue has lost its ring of truth and poignancy and regularly falls flat, but in a cheesy kind of way. I will say most of the bad dialogue is coming from Julie, whose storyline has gone pretty far off the deep end.

anyway, here is what must stop:

1. Leila. She was just getting interesting and a lot darker. So why did the writers make her a born-again? Couldn't she have found another football dude to date? (not Riggins) Or just been more involved with taking care of her family or getting the hell out of Dylan. She is annoying again.
2. Riggins. Sure we can keep him a drunk, but I feel like everything out of his mouth has been said already. Can't we keep him consistent without becoming repetitive? Still, could his body be any hotter?
3. Julie. Whore. She used to be nice. If she was going to turn into a bitch, which is fine as the show is 8 months down the road, can you at least fill us in as to why. She has repeated several times, she feels she is turning into her mother. Does anyone have a clue as to how she has come to feel that way?
4. Saracen, perfect as always. However, it was revealed he is currently a junior. Which means last year he was a sophomore. I am sorry. That is impossible.
5. Jason Street. I like his relationship with the new coach, the mascot thing, and his dream of walking. Could that have been any cuter? This stem cell research plot has me nervous.
6. Smash. The writers have no idea what to do with this guy. He is entirely superfluous.
7. Tami and Eric. I guess this is just proving really difficult to have this long-distance relationship. Everything seems so random and haphazard. Tami as the weaker, more vulnerable character is weird to witness. Get Eric home. Maybe this will fix everything.
8. Tyra and Landry. Good Lord. The season opening murder may have already put the final nail in the coffin. I hope not. But it wreaks of sappy WB/I Know What You Did Last Summer. I am all for Tyra's development from party girl to a nicer, more down to earth person. Still she would never go for Landry.
9. Can there be any new blood on the show? Again, a new bf for Leila. The new love interest for Saracen is his grandmother's maid? How about a girl in school? Shocking!

Anyway, woe are we.

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