Tuesday, September 25, 2007

One degree of Lance, Kevin and Reade

What is my connection to Lance Armstrong, Kevin Bacon and Reade Seligmann?

Public transportation.

Yep. My most recent celebrity public transit experience came last week when I was flying back from Austin, Texas on Continental Airlines flight 251. I was in seat 2F. Lance Armstrong was in 2A. When we arrived at Newark's Liberty International Airport, Lance was right in front of me walking off the plane. A man was waiting for him and they jumped on one of those airport carts and took off through the terminal. I never thought Lance was particularly attractive, but in person he is kind of hot.

My prior celebrity transit experience came in the late spring when Reade Seligmann, the former Duke University student and lacrosse player from New Jersey who was accused (and then completely exonerated) in the now infamous "Duke rape case." Reade was all decked out in a suit as he boarded the NJ Transit 320 bus into Manhattan. It was standing room only so Reade stood right next to my seat. Reade is as cute as he looks in pictures. A little dorky though for a tough guy Division I athlete.

My first celebrity transit experience was several years ago on an Amtrack Metroliner train from Philadelphia to New York. Sitting at one end of the car I was in was Kevin Bacon and his kids. His kids did a lot of running up and down the aisle during the trip. Kevin smiled and said hello as he walked past me on his way to the Cafe Car. Total sweatheart!

I'm crossing my fingers for Madonna one day.

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2008 should be the year when Seligmann should wind up VERY rich off the lawsuits against dumpity Durham, NC. And justfiably so! And Colin Finnerty might just (justifiably) wind up the wealthiest lacrosse player to ever graduate from Chaminade.
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