Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Adventures in Babysitting: There's No Place Like Home

Has anyone missed me? Did anyone even notice I was gone...
The Kettle, an accomplished babysitter, was on call, just shy of one week, and by on-call, I mean held captive in the recesses of snooty Upper Montclair. It was an eye-opening experience, and once again, I am eternally grateful my parents are/were:
a)not crazy - relatively speaking
b)not lazy, absentee parents
c)not richer than God wanted anyone to be
d)not enablers

So thanks, T&D!

They also taught me how to turn off a television, utilize an alarm clock, read, and not sleep in my own trash. Remarkable

For those who anxiously awaited my Emmy pics, I am sorry I did not follow through. If it makes you feel better, I would have gotten 3 correct. I did, however, open a word document on my laptop and jot down random thoughts about the broadcast, as I watched alone in my servant quarters. These thoughts are available if any interest is expressed.

In a nutshell...
Ryan Seacrest is god-awful and should be hanged.
Ellen and Steve Carell should do all the talking.
Ray Romano should not.
Mary Louise Parker can clean up reeeeal good.
Katherine Heigl needs to avoid the crazy red shade of lipstick.
Ryan Seacrest should be hanged and beaten.
Sally Field is a shrieking, screeching hag. I have no problem with her anti-war theme, but really, must she shriek and screech like a hag?

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