Sunday, August 26, 2007

Maria Will Be Wearing Red

The US Open. And the pot 'n kettle are going! Good times. Good picks:

First Quatrain: Everyone wants the #1Federer/#5Roddick quarter and everyone will get it. First test for Fed will be #21Juan Carlos, which may go 4 sets. Roddick will cruise to the quarters. First round match has Fed against, Scoville Jenkins, who was America's sweetheart for the past two years, falling to Nadal, and Roddick in early night rounds. He is cool. No tennis blog will ever be complete now with a nod to the hotness of Robert Kendrick. Just an aside.
Fed over Roddick

Second Quatrain: Probably the most open quarter. At #4 Davydenko is still not that dominant. #6 Blake is the crowd fave, but sporadic. #14 Canas is on his drug comeback, #19 Andy Murray has done well, but not a very good year. Lingering is #10 Haas, hot but inconsistent, and then a resurging, in my opinion, Baghdatis, somehow seeded #18. I like him a lot. Bagh against Blake in the third round could be the craziest fan match ever.
Bagh over Davydenko

Third Quatrain: Probably the first time #3 Djok is considered a real potential at a major. Why then does that make me think he is going to lose early? Eh, hard to say, but I wouldnt be surprised. #16 Lleyton could be a ton of trouble for him.
I am picking this one to really bust open #16 Hewitt over #17 Moya
Stupid? Probably.

Fourth Quatrain. The world has been waiting for Nadal to do anything at the US Open. Will he? Eh, hard to have much faith in him. He did nothing this summer on the hard courts and word is he is pretty banged up. Safin is also here, btw and my new love Frank Dancevic
#7 Gonzalez over Nadal. Who knows.

Semis: Federer over Bagh; Hewitt over Gonzo
Final: Federer over Hewitt. I think I picked this as the Wimbledon final as well. I just never learn.

Women. The women simply need to step it up. And stay un-injured. This has been a ridiculous year, and lately is crazy beyong belief. And yet, Justine won the french, Venus won Wimbledon, and Serena won Aussie. I am sure everyone has heard about the all out slugfest in the top half. Annoyingly, Justine still might get through. Plus we have to decide if we want an all Serb quarter? or an all Williams semi? UGH!

First Quatrain: Like the Roddick/Fed quarter so is the #8Serena/#1Justine ultimate smackdown. Third slam in a row, mind you, this year they met in the quarters. I have picked Justine to lose and she hasn't yet. Ugh. Oh and #10 Marion Bartoli: 15 minutes, bye bye. We really like #20Safarova by the way.
Serena over Justine

Second Quatrain: This section is unreal. I can't really say more. It is kind of unfair for everyone here. Not only could any of em be a favorite to win; I think they are all my fave players on the tour right now? Is that possible? #3 Jankovic, #5 Ivanovic and #12 Venus. I feel that Jankovic is currenty the healthiest player and absolutely the fittest player. Which makes me happy and also makes me think she should be rewarded. #29 Sam Stosur is a cutey-pie
Janky over Venus

Third Quatrain: What the hell is going on here? #4 Kutzy is not a safe bet for anything, neither is #7 Nadia or #9 Pretty Hantuchova. Plus we got #16 Hingis here, trying, trying, trying. So we have 3 power players who are mental F-ups, and little Hingy who just can't hit a ball hard no matter what. As always I will go with my heart.
Hingis over Petrova

Fourth Quatrain: Yes #2 Sharapova lucked out, but let's give some credit to some of these players here, especially #6 Anna Chakvedatze. 1. She is cute and Russian and more similar to Anna Kournikova than Sharapovs. Still Sharapovs is hotter. 2. She ate up the summer tourneys til she got fatigued. And now that I know how to pronounce her last name, I love it even more. #13 Vaidisova is also around and could be a problem in the 4th round for Maria. But Maria somehow makes it to latest stages of slams. And only loses to a Williams.
Maria over Chak.

Semis: Serena over Jank (when will she get it all together!) Sharpova destroying Hingis
Final, in a repeat of the Aussie, Serena over Maria

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