Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Battle of the Network Gays

Earlier this month, Sara Gilbert, who brilliantly played acerbic daughter Darlene, on Roseanne, and was nominated twice for Emmy, had her second child with her partner Allison Adler. I believe Darlene, I mean Sara, had this child, Sawyer, a girl, and Allison had their first son, Levi.

Just last night, I watched Third Man Out, which was a made for Canadian TV movie starring Chad Allen as a gay private eye. So popular was this first movie, and apparently the books it is adapted from, that this character, Donald Strachey, is being developed into a gay movie franchise. Its second installment, A Shock to the System, was released on DVD in February and costars Morgan Fairchild. The movie wasn't great. It wasn't horrible. It was fun gay skinemax material. Go Chad, whom I have loved since My Two Dads, by the way.

Lastly Danny Pintauro has never been heard from, but I really wish he would start dating Chip from Kate and Allie, who is allegedly straight still.

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