Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Netflix Apologizes....Not

Here's a rundown of the netflix brouhaha disaster.

1. went back up late Tuesday afternoon, Eastern Time.
2. They did in fact receive The Diary of Anne Frank. Phew. We are very surprised about that given yesterday's mass-hysteria.
3. They said they were mailing my next movie, The Man Who Loved Women yesterday (Tuesday) so that it would arrive today Wednesday. They either 3a) didn't mail it, 3b) mailed it extra slow or 3c) mailed it from Oklahoma City instead of fun, close New Brunswick, New Jersey because it is not in my mailbox today.
4. Today they should have received All of Me, a stupid Steve Martin movie, to be remade with Queen Latifah in the Lily Tomlin role and Martin perhaps reprising his own role. Incredibly dumb, right? Right. They did receive All of Me today, but they also should have received The Departed as I mailed it at the exact same time from the exact same mailbox. Somehow, they didn't get it. Ridonkulous.
5. According to Yahoo news:
Hoping to retain more of its current customers while enticing new subscribers, Netflix is decreasing monthly fees by $1 on its two most popular plans to match Blockbuster's prices for comparable Internet-only services.
Love the idea in theory, but why only $1 off its two most popular subscriptions? Of the two, I subscribe to neither of those plans. This selective deal-making and seems like I am living in feudal times. Silly idea, netflix. I mean, I want a dollar off, or at least my movies to be sent and received in a timely manner.
6. I think it would be fun if netflix sent all of their subscribers a fun apology email, don't you? Maybe the power of the blog will make that happen.

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