Thursday, July 26, 2007

2 Months til 30

My 20's were so early 2000 anyway.

First sign I am in my 30's.....glasses! My dilfy eye doctor said upon meeting me for the the first time, "Well, Paul, you almost made it to 30." I would have hated him if he wasn't a potential dilf.

I officially have 2 months to go til I am 30. I don't think I mind just yet, but I am in denial, because we all know that being a 30year old just doesn't make sense for me. There is practically nothing adult about my life - except the movies I like. Zinger.

When chatting with someone recently, I told him I didn't believe in goals. His goal for me was annoying and overstepped many many boundaries, but then he got freaky angry with me for not believing in goals. I did one time think I might finish my MA before I turned 30. That ain't happening, but things may work well to at least finish it while I am still 30. So that could be something kinda. Most people are able to do it when they are like 25, but so what. I am all about jinxing myself anyway. I need to do something to provide excitement for me.

More on my trek to Planet 30 soonish.

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