Monday, June 25, 2007

Problems with the yearbook

Staff members at Newark, New Jersey's East Side High School used markers to black out a picture of a male student kissing his boyfriend from all copies of the school's yearbook before they were distributed to students this week. According to Marion A. Bolden, Newark's superintendent of schools, the photograph of Andre Jackson kissing his boyfriend David Escobales in the yearbook was "illicit" and looked provocative.

Take a look for yourself (picture at left).

It's a simple smooch on the lips.

There isn't even any tongue!!!!!

Illicit my ass.

Update: Marion Bolden has issued an apology for the picture's "blackout."

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As a wayward, but well-intending, yearbook advisor, I find this horrible. These people paid for the page! This page also would have been designed and sent to the publisher in about February, so if they didn't like the picture, they would have caught it. Could it have been any more insulting? Not to mention black magic marker. Marion is horrendous and should be fired.
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