Monday, May 28, 2007

Will The Mighty Fall

French Open Predictions 2007
So psyched for a messy, red mud-filled Roland Garros. Vive La Slam. Most likely the field of 128 men and 128 women comes down to 4. Those 4 are Rafael Nadal, Roger Fed, Justine Henin (not Hardenne!) and some surprise woman. Let's cut to the chase. The sooner I get this over with, the sooner mistakes can be made. I am being conservative and traditional with these pics. For credibility's sake.

1st Quarter: Seeds: #1 Fed, #7 Ivan Ljubicic, #9 Tommy Robredo, #17 Juan Carlos, #22 Hot Marat
Fed should do well. Ljubicic doesn't do it for me anymore. Interesting 3rd Round between Robredo and Safin. I will go with Safin to then get to the quarters.
Q: Federer over Safin
2nd Quarter: Seeds
: #4 Nikolay Davydenko, #5 Fernando Gonzalez, #15 David Nalbandian, #19 Guillermo Canas, Unseeded Compatriot: Gael Monfils
Pretty Open Quarter. I guess recent drug addict Canas is the one to beat. Davydenko and Nalbandian are so interchangeable to me. I like Monfils quite a bit, mostly for his name. The winner of the fourth round Canas/Gonzalez is in the quarters. Can Canas do it and then beat Fed in the semis??? I feel the draw will be kinder to Fed at that point, but it is looking hard for old Roger.
Q: Gonzalez over Davydenko
3rd Quarter: Seeds
: #3 Roddick, #6 Djokovic, #12 David Ferrer, #16 Baghy, and unseeded Ginepri!
Djokovic should rule from the top down. Let's root for a hellluva fun 4th round match of Roddick/Bagdahtis.
Q:Djokovic over Bagh
4th Quarter: Seeds
: #2 Nadal, #8 Blake, #14 Hewitt, Past Winners #23 Moya and unseeded Guadio
Nadal will have Lleyton in the 4th round, who had him on the ropes this month. Sadly Rafa will make it through. I am going to go with Gaudio to be the not so surprising unseed. Sorry, Jimmy Blake.
Q: Nadal over Gaudio

Semis: I don't entirely agree with the Fed slump, but I don't trust him on clay. I am torn
Federer over Gonzalez. I would love Djokovic to take out Nadal. But he won't.
Finals: Federer v. Nadal
Winner: Nadal. Was this too by the book?
I full reserve the right to consider myself right if anyone mentioned here does well.

1st Quarter: Seeds: #1 Henin, #8 Serena, #10 Dinara, #16 Na Li
Let's call the tourney right here. If Serena can get past Dinara, which will be tough; Dinara will put up a fight! But the match of the tournament will be Angry, Loud and Proud Serena against annoying antics playing Justine. I feel Serena hates Sharapova a lot which is why she came out to destroy her in Melbourne. But for some reason Serena doesn't hate Justine enough and this will be too close!
Q: Serena over Justine
2nd Quarter: Seeds
: #4 Jankovic, #6 Vaidisova, #11 Nadia, #13 Dementieva, #26 Venus, and a slew of dangerous 2nd tiers!
A very fun quarter. I think I am rooting for Jankovic to win it all. I am pulling for her, unless Amelie can put something together, which is doubtful. I would imagine Jankovic can cruise but she may buckle under the pressure. Which would annoy me a lot.
Q: Jankovic over Petrova
3rd Quarter: Seeds
: #3 Kutzy, #7 Ivanovic, #12 Hot Hantuchova, #15 Isreali Peer, #24 Medina-Garriques, and MYSKINA! Did we know she still played?
I have 0 faith in Kutzy to really do anything. I think she is so streaky and it is baffling that she is #3 in the world. This Medina girl seems dangerous.
Q: Ivanovic over Kutzy
4th Quarter: Seeds
: #2 Sharapova, #5 Maurez, #9 Anna Chakvetadze, #14 Patty Schnyder, #22 Alona Bondarenko
Probably the most baffling quarter. Sharapova can't play on clay and Mauresmo can't play in Paris. Some of these other names? No idea.
Q: Bondarenko over Mauresmo
Semis: Serena over Jankovic; Ivanovic over Bondarenko
Finals: Serena over Ana

Wherever the chips may fall.

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