Sunday, May 13, 2007

let's play ball

Don't even bother trying to contain your excitement. You shouldn't. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS has been renewed!!! The renewal had seemed probable - at best - for some time, given its critical acclaim and maybe even recent Peabody award, but I was more than skeptical. I just don't trust TV execs. But smart move here. Although I don't watch any other TV drama, I must concur with FNL's praise as being the best drama on TV. It has to be, right?

So here's what we need to get done in the next season. With the renewal, I think it is safe to assume that Coach Taylor will be staying at Dylan and not taking the college job.
1. The high school juniors (Julie, Matt, and Landry) are fine.
2. The seniors! Troubled waters with high school shows. No one can really get away with pulling a 90210 and letting the gang hang out in high school forever. Nor can everyone go to the same college. Surprisingly, most of the seniors have been written in a way where their hanging around wouldn't feel entirely forced.
2a. Jason Street: He doesn't come into play as our crippled heartthrob is now a coach, and not going to college. Keep him with the funky tattoo girl. The Leila relationship came to a fitting and believable end. (See below.) If he would like to marry me, that would be ok.
2b. "The Smash": Entirely annoying character, but he was essential to the show. Given what we were led to believe were some high college prospects, I assume he will have to go to a great college somewhere, and thus, leave the show. They can retire his number, but we don't need any more of The Smash. His mom was fun. Waverly was actually more annoying than he was. She must go away forever.
2c. Tim Riggins: On the fence with him. I imagine they will come up with something kinda lame to keep him around. If they do, Brooke Langton as the hot older neighbor must leave. That was a horrible plot device, and her kid was the most annoying child ever.
2d. Tyra: Given her near rape at the end, I don't think they are going to so quickly write her off the show. Besides, this character is not jetting off somewhere anytime soon. She can stay, as her friendship with Julie would make this plausible. The only way to realistically keep Riggins on the show is through Tyra.
2e. Leila Garrity. Oh Leila Garrity, can I just give this actress and the writers props for turning the most annoying character on the show to someone so endearing and likable. I am going to believe they planned this transformation from day one. Given her dad, she will be around. But keep her away from Jason. These two need a break.
3. The team cannot win another title. They are losing all their players and they really did not refer to any up and comers. This is a building year for the Panthers.
4. Connie Britton. The stand-out for an Emmy nom. Possibly only because the lead actress in a drama category is pretty weak. But in the 2nd half of the season, she totally rocked.

Enough, Yay, Friday Night Lights!

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