Sunday, May 06, 2007

And The Winner Is.....The Sport of Tennis!

In an exhibition match, Roger Fed and Rafa Nadal played each other on a half grass/half clay court. Simply building the court cost a whopping $1.63 million. I am yet to decide if it was worth it or not. I mean, was this match actually significant of anything? To the untrained tennis eye, it might have been touted as the match to determine once and for all, who is the best. To most, however, it was a clearcut gimmick, perhaps interesting, perhaps not. I found it interesting in theory, but pointless, mostly because Nada won 7-5, 4-6, 7-6 (12-10). These two win everything, everything and are entirely unbeatable to the point that it is obnoxious now. But in choosing a favorite of obnoxious winners, I am gonna have to go with Roger.

Say what you will, I will take the crying and the jacket anyday over the teething moron on the podium. So, let's step it up, Fed. I mean you can beat anyone all the time, anywhere, anyplace, but why not Nadal, who on any given day can fall to anyone if the match is not on clay? The boy is streaky, although he is beginning to do a lot more on other surfaces. If Roger is ever going to win the French, which he can, I have a hunch it will be because someone else beat Nadal in an earlier round. But that is just a gut feeling, and a long shot. Who knows. I am so much more over Nadal's streak on clay than I am Fed's Wimbledon's. Besides, Roger still has to keep winning so he can break Sampras' record!

In funner news, how much you wanna bet the Federer camp MADE Nadal clean up before any pictures would be taken! See the pic above.

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