Friday, May 25, 2007

Alicia snubs Elisabeth

We love Alicia Silverstone, pretty much only because of her role as Cher in the 90's classic movie Clueless. We love her even though her career has pretty much sucked since.

With that said, the petty snub Alicia threw the View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck the other day was fairly ridiculous. I've never really understood why people who disagree on politics can't still be civil to each other and afford each other common courtesies.

I hate to have to say this, but grow up Alicia.

I agree with you, the snub was pretty nasty. People sometimes forget that the word "tolerance" applies to everyone, even those with whom you disagree politically. It's interesting that those who spout tolerance forget to tolerate. It's amazing the number of blogs that are praising Ms Silverstone for her actions. Why? Because Hasselbeck has a differing political view? As for me, I was disgusted and Alicia Silverstone came out looking like nothing more than a high schooler.
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