Friday, February 23, 2007

263 minutes of ego

Acting as if their movies save children from certain death and/or horrible disease, Hollywood's elite will be packing into the Kodak Theatre on Sunday night for the 79th Academy Awards. The telecast, sure to be filled with (1) plenty of back patting for just how great they are, (2) snide remarks about the President and/or elated mentions of Democrat control of Congress and (3) a lot of useless fluff such as songs, dances and speeches about how this Oscar win will break a glass ceiling, or a glass floor, or a glass vase, or a glass managerie, is rumored to be one of the longest (if not THE longest) ever.

Why in God's good name must they have an annual awards show that lasts in excess of 4 hours?

I'll probably tune in for the first 30 minutes -- to see Ellen Degeneres do the opening (which likely will be the best part of the show) -- and last 30 minutes -- to see the big awards. Everything in between is purely for Hollywood, the Hollywood wannabes and the movie snobs.

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