Monday, January 08, 2007

This bartender can breathe fire, but can he do pirouettes?

As we kick off 2007, I, your lowly Kettle, will start the year on both a positive and a selfless note. I am going to wish someone well and root for this person to unequivocally have a spectacular year. This person will not be a female tennis player; it will not be a hot, male tennis player; it will not be someone in anyway connected to winning Oscars, even! (Which may secretly upset him, but I don't know.) The person I will quietly root for, from afar, is none other than Chris, who some of you may know more informally as Pixie-Bartender.

Why Pixie Bartender, you might ask?
1. On a whim, when he thinks no one is looking, he will do a pirouette behind the Copper Bar! Usually he can do it successfully, as well!
2. When he gets a shout out from a large drag-queen, he will give a beauty-pageant-contestant, cupped wave to the crowd! Again, when he thinks no one is looking!
3. He often wears silver pants.
4. He was there for me during my really messy drinking years. But he never looked down on me scornfully. He was always more intrigued, perhaps beguiled. Thanks, Chris!
5. He often calls me "sweetheart" and gives fun drink discounts.

And for these and many many more reasons, Pixie, get out of that silly insurance gig, and have a fabulous '07!

Now, Aussie Open and Golden Globes to come!

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