Monday, December 04, 2006

No, she looks like sh*t

After Dolly Parton performed at the Academy Awards earlier this year, there was some chatter about her latest round of plastic surgery -- on the face, not the boobs. Despite my thoughts that she looked ridiculous -- almost clown-like -- it seemed like most people were giving the work a thumbs up.

Well, people, look at the picture included in this post, taken at last night's Kennedy Center tribute, and tell me you still think Dolly looks good. She doesn't!

But Dolly wasn't the most ridiculous thing at last night's tribute. Surprisingly, Jessica Simpson was:

Jessica Simpson botched Sunday evening's Kennedy Center tribute to Dolly Parton, abruptly finishing the song "Nine to Five" with the words "so nervous" and quickly exiting, to no applause.

She was in tears when she and the other singers in the tribute came back out.
Acid reflux?

She looks like a muppet or something....
That huge flat mouth, and the eerie eyes ... the brows looks like something that was added as an after thought... And the breasts - what's the deal with that?

Am I just really critical?
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