Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Rezzies

don't get your hopes. signor kettle is not making new year's resolutions. it is my most hated day of the year, after all... followed by my birthday and valentine's day. but i thought this might be a fine time to reassess my 10 goals (we loath using the word goals, though) for the year before i am officially 30.

To jog your mem, here is the orginal post

So after 25% of the year, here is how I am doing on My 10 Pipedreams:
10. Get rid of my gas-guzzling, yet jockish, pick-up truck.
Lease is officially up June 6, 2007 and counting... Bye Sir X, 33Long
9. Pay off my Macy*s bill.
Looooooong way to go still.
8. Read The House of Sand and Fog or A Confederacy of Dunces. Ideally both. The two have alternated as the book I will read next for about 5 years now.
I finished the House of Sand and Fog tonight! I think I can get Confederacy out of the way, by next September. Re: House of S&F, I think I was supposed to root for Jennifer Connelly and not Ben Kingsley. I loved Iranian Ben and hated whory eyebrow least in the book, folks. Coulda been shorter; I was reading it for an embarrassingly long amount of time.
7. Go away for Spring Break.
Ask me in March. Seattle is looking tempting.
6. Hang some things on my walls and get the plates over my electrical outlets and light switches.
5. Have a magical Christmas.
Hmmmm...the jury might still be out. 1) I didn't get a new wallet and 1a) There was no one in the picture to give me said wallet. 2) My eight month old niece is the most magical, charming, and well-behaved 8month old who has ever lived. 3) My 3.5 year old nephew can go from adorable and kind to spoiled and bratty at the drop of a hat. Am I being too hard on the 3.5 year old? As of now, I don't think so. Aim high. The magic of Christmas was a 7 outta 10. I think.
4. Do something with the brilliant play I wrote. Nothing extreme. But something.
I managed to actually print it. It is in paper form!
3. Think more positively. (Whoa, who wrote that?)
This was stupid to begin with.
2. Join a club? Maybe start a hobby?
I need to get back to rockin out at the gym. I started an impossible puzzle and kinda moved it aside. So no progress here.
1. Learn to sleep.
Believe it or not, for a while in November and December, I was sleeping mostly through the whole night and waking up when my alarm clock sounded! Not before and laying there waiting! Yahoo!

Ok, with 25% 0f the year gone by, I am gonna say, I am roughly 25% of the way done.
Welcome '07!
For those of you keeping score, I once thought I did better in odd years. Or was it that I did better when I was an odd-numbered age?

I am going to add one more non-resolution: To see all 5 Best Pic nominees for the Oscars. I think I already have 3 of the set 4 out of the way: The Departed, The Queen, Little Miss Sunshine. I think I can get the 4th given nom done soon: Dreamgirls.
My prediction for the totally open 5th: Letters from Iwo Jima.
Here at Pot'NKettle, we are so anti-Babel, it like isn't even funny.

happy birthday, g-rose!

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