Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What About Brian?....BRIAN! What About Joey?

I so rarely get involved with matters of television, but hear me out on this one. I usually have stellar ideas on how to fix wayward shows (Saturday Night Live, Ally McBeal, Friends, and don't even get me started on Lost). Anywho, so have we heard of the cheesefest What About Brian? I didnt think so. Seeing how it stands to be cancelled in about T minus 2 weeks. I haven't seen it either, of course. But I am sure it is as not-cute and as hellishly enfuriating as a pile of cats. So, how am I devising we fix What About Bri? Brian needs to be gay. Now, I am not one of those types who needs "the gay" in every piece of entertainment. In fact, more often than not I think the token gay is usually forced and annoying (see the ridiculous (but occasionally delicious) gay subliminal subplot regarding Julian McMahon on Nip/Tuck).

So, Brian needs to be gay. Look at his hair. Not a huge leap. And his love interest? None other than Joey Lawrence. It fits, right? Come on. If he doesn't speak, Blossom's brother is good-looking? Or am I just in a cheesey 29year old funk? Would Joey ever ask me to dance? In his oh-so-tight pants! Oh well. Not gonna happen. What About B? will be cancelled.

Told you so, Brianne.

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