Friday, October 27, 2006

Mark, please get a good prenup

With his memoir The Confession now selling as well as an Ann Coulter book at Lambda Rising, New Jersey's gay ex-governor Jim McGreevey was delited with the state supreme court's decision on Wednesday essentially legalizing gay marriage (it could end up being "civil unions" instead of marriage, but it will be legally indistinguishable). In fact, he jumped right on the bandwagon and wants to make an honest man out of his beau Mark O'Donnell:

Former Gov. James E. McGreevey, who resigned in 2004 after announcing he is "a gay American," said yesterday he would like to enter into a civil union with his partner, Mark O'Donnell, once his divorce from his second wife is final.

"I would obviously look forward to having our relationship recognized," McGreevey said, reacting to yesterday's state Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. "It's a blessing to live in New Jersey."

Let us not forget that McGreevey was governor at the time the gay marriage case was filed and he ordered his Attorney General, Peter Harvey, to fight the claims made by the gay plaintiffs. That was then:

Reached on his cell phone as he was traveling in Canada to visit Morag, his daughter from his first marriage, the former governor said the court's ruling on the rights of same-sex partners "is a tremendous victory for decency" and "represents the progressive tradition of our state Supreme Court."

"It's so profoundly emotional and meaningful," McGreevey said of the ruling. "It speaks to the value of marriage and the value of committed relationships, gay or straight. It's groundbreaking and it shows a great generosity of spirit."

* * *

"The decision is courageous," said McGreevey. He reiterated previous comments that he laments opposing gay marriage while he was in politics, mainly to mask his own sexuality.

"I only wish I had had the fortitude to embrace it as governor," McGreevey said. He has written a book about his experiences and regrets.

Oh Jim, please go away now. Really.

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