Saturday, September 16, 2006

Survivor: Segregation Island. It's Almost Enough To Make Me Start Watching....Almost.

If you aren't living under a rock, I am sure you have heard of the new Survivor gimmick: racial divisions of the castaways. Yawn.... Or so I thought! When I got the rundown from Mrs. O. the next day, I began to see that this might be fodder for some excellent jokes. For example, when the African-American tribe was building their shelters, they were going on how this would be the ghetto side of the island. Ha! And even better, apparently their is an Asian man, who loves making Asian jokes and said to his fellow Asians, "Hey, I bet we are happy we have all this rice!"

Apparently, a secretary at school summed up the final challenge as thus: "They had to solve puzzles for the final challenge, and the Asians won. Puzzles and Asians. That makes sense. And the blacks lost. I am not saying anything, but I'm just saying..."

Still, CBS is pulling this stunt b/c they are scared. NBC unleashes a very anticipated premiere night of My Name is Earl (JOY!) and The Office (PAM!) this week. Not to mention, the highly buzzed Ugly Betty.

America, stop watching Reality TV, please.

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