Friday, September 29, 2006

29 is the new 18...It's true. 2 people told me that... independent of one another.

So our dear Kettle turned 29 this week. Don't get excited. I was relatively underwhelmed myself, not to mention the early stages of the flu were upon me. But I am 29, less than a year til I am 30. So I guess it is now or never, right? Wasn't that the theme for my year once I turned 27?

Things I hope to do this year (Let's not call these goals. Instead, let's think of them as pipedreams.):

10. Get rid of my gas-guzzling, yet jockish, pick-up truck.
9. Pay off my Macy*s bill.
8. Read The House of Sand and Fog or A Confederacy of Dunces. Ideally both. The two have alternated as the book I will read next for about 5 years now.
7. Go away for Spring Break.
6. Hang some things on my walls and get the plates over my electrical outlets and light switches.
5. Have a magical Christmas.
4. Do something with the brilliant play I wrote. Nothing extreme. But something.
3. Think more positively. (Whoa, who wrote that?)
2. Join a club? Maybe start a hobby?
1. Learn to sleep.

Did I miss anything?

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