Saturday, August 26, 2006

Flushing and Agassi

Ok, loyal reader, you know how bad I am at predicting anything, but it is the process that is fun, right? US OPEN '06 brings us the last hurrah of Andre, and although it pains me to admit, possibly the last we will see of Dav. I say she is 50/50 for next year. Anyway, back to Andre. He will sorely be missed as he is 1000 times more likable than Sampras. I wish him well in retirement, and maybe he will stop shaving for a bit. His children are adorable. His wife is fabulous. Even his acid-washed denim shorts were kinda fun. He donates more money to charity than any other professional athlete. Now if only he would open his mouth a tickle more when he speaks. Hello, lock-jaw? He is possibly most responsible for making tennis the spectator sport it is. He made it fun. AND COOL! Thanks, Andre. Unfortunately, I see him going out in Rd 2. to Baghdatis, who in case you haven't heard, is from Cyprus. Ok, here's what I am seeing:

Men: Some interesting matches; ultimately all Federer.
Top quarter: Rog will cruise. (5)Blake will fall.
Quarterfinal: (1)Federer vs. (23)Tursunov

2nd quarter: Total hotness here, and this doesn't even include the Nadal/Philippoussis first rounder! Marat Safin and Robert Kendrick (both unseeded), Ginepri (18), and Tommy Haas (14). Oh to be the ball boy here. Top seeds here are Davydenko(7) and Nalbandian(4). I couldn't pick them out of a lineup of 2.
Quarterfinal: (14)Haas vs. (17)Andy Murray

3rd quarter: Hopefully an excellent Round of 16 match of Baghy(8) and Roddick(9). I will go with Roddick. Everyone is saying he is back, which makes me want him to lose ASAP. I just don't know. If only he wasn't so popular and every girl didn't want him :-(
Quarterfinal: (9)Roddick vs. (3)Ljubicic. Yes the #3 player in the world is named Ivan Ljubicic.

4th quarter: We so want unseeded and wild card Philippousis to beat Nadal. Unfortunately, that won't happen.
Quarterfinal: (2)Nadal vs (19)Hrbaty

Semis: Federer vs. Haas; Nadal vs. Ljubicic
Finals: Federer vs. Ljubicic
Winner: Federer
The WOMEN! God knows what is going to happen here. (1)Mauresmo, (10)Dav, (5)Petrova, unseeded Serena, even (2)JHH are kinda shaky. Altho if anyone can pull through that it is JHH. Serena too. Hingis has come back and has proven she still cannot beat anyone who is healthy and powerful. (4)Elena Mc-NoServe Dementieva, (6)Kutzy, (11)Myskina, and (7)Schnyder will forever be non-entities at a Slam, unfortunately. Which leaves us with #3 Sharapova and the horde of hot, young Eastern European gals all vying to be the next her: (9)Nicole Vaidisova, (12)Dinara Safina, (15)Anna-Lena Groenefeld, (16)Ana Ivanovic, (19)Jelena Jankovic, and (27)Tatiana Golovin.

Top Quarter: Toughest little top section includes Mauresmo, Serena, and Ivanovic. Hingis should cruise to the quarter from the bottom up. Hard to know if Serena or Amelie will be in any kind of shape to do well. I think not.
Quarterfinal: (8)Hingis vs. (16)Ivanovic

2nd Quarter: Sadly my gal Nadia has sucked it up since April. Sharapova had a great summer until she lost, citing exhaustion. If she has rested and JHH remains shaky, this is honestly her best shot to get another slam. All the top players are weak right now, and at least in slams, she never loses to those ranked below her. The French Open excluded.
Quarterfinal: (3)Sharapova vs. (27)Golovin

3rd Quarter: My new favorite player is Samantha Stosur, Australia. She is unseeded, but has a huge game. I am going with her to break out here. Top seeds here are Dementieva(4) and Kutzy(6). I can't root for them, although most times off the ground - serve excluded - Dementieva is fierce.
Quarterfinal: Stosur vs (9) Vaidisova

4th Quarter: Praying Dav is well enough to play well. Who knows; it will be day by day early in the first week. If she can't get it together, Schnyder will take her out in Round of 16. If her injury is legit, she may not even make it that far. Still, I have to go with her.
Quarterfinal: (2)JHH vs (10)Dav

Semis: Ivanovic vs. Sharapova; Vaidisova vs JHH
Final: Sharapova vs. JHH
Winner: Sharapova

I reserve the right to be embarrassingly wrong here. And if anyone can take out JHH, by all means.

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