Thursday, July 13, 2006

That's All.

So I recently saw The Devil Wears Prada, and although this next admission may further ostracize me from my so-called community (no love lost there, really), I did not particularly care for it. And I hope I am the first to say that Meryl Streep, while viciously funny in many early moments, a combination of her delivery and some great lines, did not blow me away as it did all the critics simply because I found her impersonating Disney's Cinderella's stepmother. If you've seen both films, take a second to reflect, it will come to you...closer.... got it? Good.
My other issues with The Devil...
1. Hey! How bout a plot? Just a teensy one is all I ask for, preferably before the last 15 minutes though. The novelty of catty one-liners just can't make a movie. There I said it. And I now believe it.
2. Was Anne Hathaway always this squeaky?
3. I still have no idea why our little Anne took the job. It did not convince me one bit that this headstrong, well-principled, would-be journalist would endure what she had to for more than 2 minutes.
4. Simon Baker's eyebrows.
5. The token gay friend has hit an all-time low.

Final Grade: C/C-

100th post!

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