Sunday, July 30, 2006

It's NOT the last time you'll see these!

Breaking entertainment news just hit my desktop. The Kettle will be giggly when he returns home to see that the television show he loves so deeply -- Arrested Development -- is going into syndication. On the Internet:
News Corp.'s Fox Entertainment Group Inc. said Wednesday that it had sold the syndication rights to its quirky-but-canceled sitcom, "Arrested Development" to Microsoft Corp.'s MSN Internet portal.

The three-year deal marks the first time that a major Hollywood production studio has turned to the Internet for a bona-fide buyer of syndicated shows. Until now, studios have sold their reruns of shows such as "Seinfeld" or "Friends" to TV station groups and cable channels, reaping huge profits in the process.

So for those of you too cheap to buy the DVDs or sign up for Netflix, you can still get your fix of Arrested Development through Microsoft's free streams of the shows (which will include advertisements).

DVD's come out in a month or so!

Not to mention, some potentially serious talks about an AD movie!!!! How fun for The Pot!

This party is gonna be off the hook!
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