Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Emmy Time

Ok, Emmy noms are tomorrow! How it snuck up on us! By the way, July 6, 2006 brings us the Emmy nominations AND the Ladies Semifinals at Wimbledon. God is shining on us today! I realize my Wimbledon picks have met with their share of laughability. I did foresee an exit for Roddick though, but given this year, a blind man saw that coming. Still, I will give it a go and some of the Emmy selections. I don't fully understand the new voting rules, but I don't think that is going to change much. It will all be familiar faces. Also, despite the Pot's insistence that I love television, I only watch Arrested Development, The Simpsons, The Office, My Name is Earl, a reluctant Lost. I can honestly say I have no idea what is going on in dramatic television these days.

Let's do drama first:
Dramatic Series:
1. Lost
2. 24
3. The West Wing
4. The Sopranos
5. Grey's Anatomy (assuming they are entered as drama. My mother insists it is a hilarious show)

Lead Actor:
1. Martin Sheen
2. Keifer Sutherland
3. James Gandolfini
4. The guy from House
5. The guy from Deadwood
No idea if Deadwood is eligible. James Spader creeps me out. I am sure he will get in here though, but I can't choose him.

Lead Actress:
1. Edie Falco
2. Allison Janey (who I loathe with the hate of a thousand hell-fires)
3. Jennifer Garner
4. Frances Conroy
5. Kyra Sedgwick
I cannot ever choose Patricia Arquette. I have more acting talent in my sleep. She is boredom, incarnate.

Supporting Actor:
1. Someone from the West Wing
2. Michael Imperioli (Sopranos' uni-brow guy)
3. Shatner!
4. Sayid
5. Someone else from WW or Sopranos
A final shout-out to Ron Rifkin, (Arvin Sloane on Alias). He has been the most frightening man on television for at least 3 out of Alias' 5 years.

Supporting Actress:
1. Sandra Oh
2. Candice Bergen
3. Jean Smart (I guess)
4. Gwyneth's mom
5. I can't even bother thinking of someone else.
Last year, my beloved Sun, from Lost, was robbed. She had nothing to do this year though, but get pregnant. I loved Lena Olin in Alias......Season Two, though. Lauren Ambrose is wonderful.

1. Arrested Development
2. Desperate Housewives (annoyingly)
3. The Office
4. Will and Grace
5. Scrubs
This was actually tricky, despite how horrible TV sitcoms are. W&G sucked for most of this year, but I am sure they will be here.

Lead Actor:
1. Jason Lee
2. Steve Carell
3. Jason Bateman
4. Zach Braff
5. Tony Shaloub
If Charlie Sheen gets in here, I will be mad. Eric McCormack's gift is the W&G in comedy series.

Lead Actress:
1. Marcia Cross
2. Felicity Huffmann
3. Mary Louise Parker
4. Julia Louis Dreyfuss
5. Lauren Graham (if we talk about it enough, will it actually happen?) I dont even watch the Golden Gilmore Girls.
I couldn't be more over lopsided face Teri Hatcher.
Tori Spelling actually has a shot?

Supporting Actor:
1. George Bluth Sr.
2. GOB Bluth
3. Buster Bluth
4. George Michael Bluth
5. Tobias Funke
If they were going on talent, this would be the most formidable lineup. Sadly here's how I see it:
1. Sean Hayes
2. Jeffrey Tambor
3. Will Arnett (the break-out AD)
4. Rainn Wilson (Dwight! Even if I find Jim much funier)
5. Jon Cryer

(poor Sass!)
Supporting Actress:
1. Jessica Walter
2. Megan Mullaly
3. Jaimie Pressley
4. Nicolette Sheridan
5. Jenna Fischer (Pam!)

One day Portia DeLicious

Ok, I will be 88% wrong.

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