Friday, July 28, 2006

Dopey doping

I was quick to congratulate Floyd Landris for winning this year's Tour de France, but now his win has come under a cloud with new accusations of doping. No one in the public knows if Landris was the doper, and God knows the doping allegations against Americans are about as true as Bill Clinton's statement that he didn't get a blow job from Monica Lewinsky, and there is much press out there now that the unidentified doping cyclist is not an American, but I wanted to be on the record, and I think the Kettle will agree, in saying that doping is bad, mkay. If you dope, then you are bad. So don't be bad by doping, mkay?

In any event, I think they should test the dopers and send the doping results on to the International Court of Sport for a hearing. Its the only solution.

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