Friday, July 21, 2006

Do svidaniya, Kettle

With the Kettle on a jaunt through Eastern Europe for the next two weeks, anything new from the Pot and Kettle will be pure Pot. What luck!

In the Kettle's absence, I promise to post at least a few times and guarantee that they will be on the shorter side and contain no references to awards shows or womens tennis.

Here is a list of the other things I plan on doing while the Kettle is away (the Kettle LOVES lists, among other things such as t-shirts and TV):

  1. Work.
  2. Clean my apartment.
  3. Go to Kettle's apartment, eat on the couch, leave the garbage in the can and run the air conditioning.
  4. See Clerks II.
  5. See My Super Ex-Girlfriend.
  6. See You, Me and Dupree.

So there you have it. Enjoy the weekend, I'm off to Baltimore.

And Kettle, wherever you are today, please remember to say your pozhalusta's and spasibo's and don't forget that nyet means nyet no matter where you are.

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