Monday, June 05, 2006

Roland Garros, Part Deux. Mistakes Were Made

Ok, quick tidbit into the Kettle...I have no problem admitting that I have made a mistake. Really. And you readers may find this shocking to believe, but I have to make such admissions frequently. It can really get you down. Anyway, so mistakes at the French. YEE-IKES! Nadia, what the hell? An embarrassing straight set loss in the first round to Japan's Akiki Morigami, who probably has never even seen red clay, horrendous. She attributed the flop to a slight injury acquired in early morning practice. I attribute my flop in picking her to win the title in choosing with my heart and not my head, which I almost always impulsively do. Other horrendous mistakes in week #1?

1. Maria Sharapova losing 7-5 in the third set, when she was up 5-1 to Dinara Safina. Surprisingly though, I accurately foresaw Safina's victory over Sharapovs last week. Remember when Safina's hottie older bro Marat dropped his shorts at the French a couple years ago? It was heaven.
2. Amelie Mauresmo, who I chose to make it to the final. Again, I was going with my heart. This should have a no brainer that she would crumble. One day someone will write a psychology text book about this flaky lesbian. Seriously.
3. 2004 surprise champ Anastasia Myskina lost the first set to JHH in 25 minutes. This one-Slam-wonder should have just asked for a do-over.

Ok, so we are left with the following quarterfinal match-ups:
1. Venus (11) vs. Nicole Vaidisova (16)
2. Safina (14) vs. Kuznetsova (8)
3. JHH (5) vs. Anna-Lena Groenefeld (13)
4. Hingis (12) vs. Clijsters (2)
I got 4 out of the 8, by the way, for all you score-keepers!

All of a sudden I am pulling for a Venus/Hingis final. We can all pretend it's 1998! And Venus can put her beads back in! Holla if you're with me! Sorry, I thought I would give that a try.

1. Venus vs. Vaidisova. Lately, Venus has fallen in the early stages of a slam due to sloppy play, but you can never rule her out at all, especially the further into a slam you get. She will pummel the inexperienced 16 year old in this quarter, and due to sheer athleticism, I like her to get to the final.
2. Safina vs. Kuznetsova. I am sticking with my original guns and going with Safina as the surprise semi-finalist of the tourney. Kutzy can be feisty, but fickle, and Safina is coming into her own.
3. JHH vs. Anna-Lena Groenefeld, who will only be memorable for having the worst name ever. JHH in about 37 minutes, annoyingly.
4. Hingis vs. Clijsters. The best quarter-final by far and the only to go 3 sets. Neither has dropped a set, and Clijsters has the power here, but for some reason I feel like the stars are just aligning for Hingis this year. And every newspaper in the world may will her to a win here. I am shakily going with Hingy.

Venus v. Safina
JHH v. Hingis

Venus will eek out a victory over Safina, in two tough sets.
JHH annoyingly will do the same to Hingis.

Venus vs. JHH
The entire world will be praying for Venus to literally sweep up the court with this Belgian bi-atch. I think she can do it. She clearly has the power to blow her off the court. Let's tighten up those errors though, V so I dont kill myself while I am watching early next Sunday morning. I could easily be wrong, but I will never ever choose JHH to win anything anyway.

And the men?
For some reason I am thinking Federer may be able to get the victory from Nadal here.

Obvious Nadal sidebar: Could Rafa, from the neck down, be any hotter? And the tight pants and sleeveless shirt.....a) yum b) i love that he is just throwing it in your face. Well done.

Lastly, despite Amelie's shaky play, let's give credit where credit is due, her body is awesome.

Appropriately the Amelie picture is in the men's section.
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