Monday, June 05, 2006

Look at you, you have a baby . . . In a bar

Out celebrating her 21st birthday -- in white trash style, no doubt -- Devon Lee Hammond of Brewster, Massachusetts wrapped up her 4-month old baby and went out for a late night of bars and parties. Unfortunately, Devon forgot to choose a designated driver:
A Cape Cod infant was taken for a wild ride this weekend after her mom partied all night, placed the 4-month-old girl in a car seat at 4 a.m. and eventually slammed the car into a curb, police say.

Yarmouth police say Devon Lee Hammond, 21, of Brewster, was driving drunk on Route 28 at yesterday when her Subaru sedan suddenly swerved, hit a curb and blew out a tire.

The new mom reeked of booze and kicked, screamed and spat on officers when they tried to arrest her, police said.

All the while, Hammond’s infant girl was covered with a blanket and asleep in a back-seat car seat. The Department of Social Services was notified and the agency placed the newborn with an adult family member.

Obviously forgetting the cardinal rule of not kicking and spitting at police officers when they pull you over, not to mention that you shouldn't take an infant to a bar, drunken parties or pretty much any other place until 4:00a.m., Devon seems destined for Not-So-Smart-Classiest-Mom-Of-The-Year Award.

She did one-up Britney, though. At least Devon put her kid in a car seat.


Say what you want about Devon Lee Hammond....I think she is one hot little mamma that needs someone to love her and her child. I can honestly say, I am in love with her.
Devon---If you ever happen to read this, please respond...I want to help you in any way possible.
I'm still waiting to hear from you Devon. I'm here to help you and your baby.
wow. this is retarded. first of all...i didn't EVER have a baby in a bar. i was in someone's house to stay the night and they started doing something i didn't want my baby around. i called many people for rides but couldn't find anyone at that hour. so i drove home. and i did NOT hit a curb. i pulled up to a cop to ask for help and he offered to let me get out of my DUI by giving him a sexual favor. so since i refused. we got into a physical altercation. and i had the shit kicked out of me by at least 10 different cops. so get ur fuckin story straight before you post gay little stories you know nothing about. i don't know you and i don't care to know you. so mind your own fucking business instead of worrying about other peoples problems. GET A FUCKING LIFE AND STOP WORRYING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE'S PROBLEMS.
Wow! Look who's calling the kettle black! Who to believe the police or a trashy whore? Hmmm...that's a no brainer! Of course people care about your business when you put innocent childrens lives at risk. Do your children a favor and JUMP!
when in any of this did it say I was a whore? you obviously get off on trashing other people's lives to make yourself feel better . why don't you get off the computer and actually get a life . I've been clean and sober for 9 years and have four children and have custody of all of them by myself with no help . so next time you want to trash somebody maybe you should find out more about their history and who they are . I'm a good person and you are obviously some dork on a computer that probably jerks off to porn because he cant get any pussy . have fun playing with your little flaccid penis while looking at computer porn .
D, dont get offended by people being people, if these tools had half a clue their opinions might almost matter...shake it off tiger. Dont fret the petty stuff, stuff the sweaty pet or what ever the saying is
Yea please you nasty whore that's why that Lil girl they talking about you posted on Facebook I'm 10 months clean at her 9 month check up please close the gap go shoot up another needle full of dope don't try to lie and blame the cops cus your a whore and couldn't suck your way out of trouble
Lol where does it say she's a whore?? She REFUSED a sexual favor. How's that being a whore??? And where does it say anything about heroin and shooting drugs?? Ignorant fuck you can't even spell.
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