Friday, May 19, 2006

Jim's got himself a man

This must be Jim McGreevey day or something. First I hear he'll be on Oprah in September, then I read that his "official portrait" will be unveiled at a private ceremony at the New Jersey Statehouse sometime this summer and finally I see that Jimbo has himself a boyfriend! (That's the happy couple -- Jim McGreevey and Marck O'Donnell -- in the picture).

Yep, Jim is out, loud, proud and off to meet Mark's parents.

Hey Jim, I couldn't stand you as governor and didn't appreciate your attempt to be a gay martyr and some sort of role model in coming out, but mazel tov to you. Its good to see that guy is moving on with his life and being true to who he is.

I'm still waiting to see him at Paradise.

If Jim showed up at the Dice, I would ask him to dance!

His book recounts some tales of parkway trysts!!!
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