Thursday, May 25, 2006

Done with LOST?

Oh, Lost. How I love to hate you. I guess there must be something about it, though, if I keep tuning in, but a) I just don't care or b) I only care so much that I want every single character to die. Except for Sun, because she is exquisite. Thoughts on Sun: Last season, I admirably pegged her as a modern Greek tragic hero, because she was. This season, she gets pregnant and, thus, has fallen to a character reserved for shock-value and cliffhangers.

It continues to pain me that critics laud Lost's thrills and finely crafted scripts. Plot-wise I will give it the benefit of the doubt and say it has something going there, even if each plot development/twist is ridiculous. But dialogue-wise, this show sounds like a somewhat clever 7th grader, only attempting to be deep, is writing this drivel:

Locke, being thrown out of the hatch, now that he has decided pushing the button is stupid, yells "We are like puppets! We are puppets on a string. As long as we keep pushing the button we can never be free!"

Seriously, he said that. Thanks, Locke, America wasn't aware. You can force this show to be existential all you want, that doesn't make it so.

Desmond told Libby he will sail around the world and "I will do it for love." That reeks of Titanic idiocy. Obvious Libby sidebar: She and Ana-Lucia, after the actresses were arrested for drinking and driving, were killed off the show. The actress Ana-Lucia, who opted for jailtime over community service, is clearly a horrible person and will never appear on Lost again. Libby will appear in everyone's flashback because she is a nicer drunk driver.

Oh, and yes a pterodactyl actually swooped from the sky onto the annoying, self-righteous band of Jack, Kate, and Sawyer (Hurley was there, too, but until he loses weight, he won't be important). And Hurley thought the bird said his name.

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