Friday, April 14, 2006

Road to the Rage

This is a "No Turn on Red" sign, obviously. When present, it means that said driver cannot make a right turn when stopped at a red traffic light. More importantly, when the "No Turn on Red" sign is NOT present, said driver may, in fact, turn right when stopped at a red traffic light. Perhaps arguably, the absence of a "No Turn on Red" sign is more important than its presence. (I am nodding towards a disagreement from the Pot.)

People, this is quite easy and not asking much of you to look around for the sign. Do we need to start making "You May Turn on Red" signs? I don't think so. Let's just look for the sign and f%$!'in turn right on red when we are allowed to, k? This would be most helpful if you find yourself stopped at the Prospect/Bloomfield Ave traffice light in scenic Verona, I believe going North on Prospect, but I don't know my directions so well.

I quote my mother, "Excuse me, in this country, we follow rules."

The Pot's 2 cents: When I initially saw this post I was going to advise the Kettle that a right turn on red when there is no sign is not mandatory, but instead merely an option a driver has when waiting at a light. I think that makes sense. The light is still red and its always better to be careful and have the green light before proceeding.

But before I wrote to admonish the Kettle, I did a little research and learned here that oddly enough in New Jersey a right turn on red is mandatory when no sign prohibiting the act is posted. Yes, mandatory. New Jersey Statute 39:4-115(b) (formerly 39:4-114(b)) states that drivers "intending to turn right at an intersection where traffic is controlled by a traffic signal shall, unless an official sign of the State, municipality or county authority having jurisdiction over the intersection prohibits the same, proceed to make the turn" with proper care.

Shall is no may. The Kettle is right . . . make the f**king turn.

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