Wednesday, April 19, 2006

poor poor Katie

Here at thepotandthekettle, we are proud to declare this a TOMKAT-free zone. (I can't believe I just actually used the non-word TOMKAT) (Twice now!) All I will say is that little Suri better learn to run fast.

As for Little Joey Potter, now that she has delivered what she has promised to, maybe they will let her go?

Remember when Joey had to sing "On My Own" on The Creek? That was awesome, and can be found on the bottom of the linked page. And there is always this.

Why does Suri need to learn to run fast?
We are?
Yes. Sorry I had to make that executive decision. No TomKat on potandkettle.

Suri needs to learn to run - fast! to get away from crazy dad.
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