Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mandisa to gays: I ain't your fag hag!

I'm not an American Idol fan. In its five seasons, I've watched maybe 26 minutes of the show. Combined. But you would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to hear about the show from friends and/or co-workers, on the radio, the Internet or even the bus ride into Port Authority in the morning.

So I've heard about Mandisa. I heard she was booted off the show last week. I've also read some theories as to why. In a nutshell, she pissed off the gays and the gays got their revenge.

Supposebly, Mandisa is a supporter of a big proponent of the "ex-gay" movement (i.e., that being gay is a choice and that gay "behavior" can be changed if one puts his or her mind to it). This all stems from comments Mandisa made on American Idol's Web site where she listed her "American Idol" as Beth Moore of Living Proof Ministries. Moore's Web site contains, among other things, links to "ex-gay" groups and other organizations that discourage homosexuality.

Regardless of whether Mandisa is a supporter of ex-gay groups (which is a bit of a reach since Mandisa hasn't signed on to everthing Beth Moore stands for), Mandisa is not a fan of the gays. As she told the when asked if she would perform at a gay event, "[b]ased on what I believe, I'm not an advocate for (being gay), so it's nothing I would take part in."

Whatever, Mandisa.

Some advice to future American Idol contenstants: piss us off and we'll send you home faster than you can say Justin Guarini.

(Hat tip The Malcontent)

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