Thursday, March 16, 2006

This Potato Grubbing, Ass Grabbing, Street Brawl of a Holiday

Ok, with this picture, I am pretty much in love with this blogpost, no matter what transpires in the subsequent paragraphs.

To explain the title of this blog, that, too, has been lifted from a hilarious SNL skit of Martha Stewart's "unbelievably trashy" St. Patrick's Day. Believe it or not, I actually kinda like St. Pat's Day. Must be the 25% Mc in me. I could do without some of the very loud, very stupid drunks, and pretty much the best delicacy of the day will be a green bagel; I don't see the attraction of corned-beef. But it is a holiday in the spirit of a good old-fasioned, poor man's fun. And don't tell my mom, but I sometimes don't mind the bagpipes. Isnt' that nice?

And this year, St. Patrick's Day falls on a Friday (during Lent), which I guess has many amazingly devout Catholics in a tizzy what to do. How could they possibly be Catholic and Irish and not eat meat, when corned-beef is sitting there like an evil little temptress? Actually, there have been some drunken times in my life, where a corned-beef sandwich did hit the spot. But in a very bizarre ruling, some Irish Bishops are saying it is ok for people to eat meat. Granted, I never fully understood why it was so important to abstain from meat on Fridays during Lent. And I went to a million years of Catholic schools and just blindly accepted it, I guess. But what is the rationale behind this??? Anyway, I am sure Jesus is quite happy, losing out to corned-beed and all. I hope a fife and drum band salutes his sacrifice properly.

FYI, my little hometown, West Orange has a lovely St. Patrick's Day Parade and it is a huge deal! I was there this year, like a good son.

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