Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar post mortem

I didn't see the entire show (in fact, just the last 90 minutes) but will share with you my few comments.

1) Although he's tall, slim and looks buff, Oscar is still in the closet. Brokeback Mountain was snubbed in most of the major categories, no best actress win for Transamerica and Capote has best actor, but was probably the least gay movie of the three.

2) Jon Stewart probably pissed off enough of the Hollywood elite to go the way of David Letterman and Chris Rock.

3) George Clooney's head is that much bigger now that he has an Oscar. He may be the next most self-important person in Hollywood.

4) Reese! I'll admit, I'm a big fan of Reese Witherspoon. Her performance in Walk the Line was amazing and no one can say that she didn't deserve this award (I must also admit that Joaquin Phoenix's performance as Johnny Cash was excellent as well). AND her acceptance speech was what acceptance speeches are supposed to be.

5) Dolly Parton looks ridiculous.

6) I liked Brokeback Mountain, but I must agree with the Academy . . . Crash was a better film overall (even though I thought the Matt Dillon saving the woman in the car wreck thing was a bit much). I still think that Sandra Bullock deserved a nomination for her bit part in Crash. Aside from being a very un-Bullock performance, she got your attention with her little tirade.

7) What the f**k was Charlize Theron thinking with that big bow dress?

8) I never realized how hard it actually was to be a pimp. In any event, although the song sucked, I did like how the Three 6 Mafia made almost every person in the audience cringe. Everyone shown on camera had a somewhat horrified look on their faces during the best song acceptance speech.

9) Good for Reese and Philip Seymour Hoffman for thanking their moms.

10) I so wanted Jennifer Garner to fall and have one of her boobs pop out. Not because I dislike Mrs. Affleck, but more because he boobs looked so nice in that dress!

10.1) It ended at 11:30!!!

Some more after-Oscar thoughts here.

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