Thursday, March 09, 2006

Nuns v. Librarians

In what will probably go down in history as the 21st century's Battle of the Titans, the Sisters of St. Walburg Monastery in Villa Hills, Kentucky will take on a group of Boone County librarians in the annual Corporate Spelling Bee for Literacy in northern Kentucky.

Via the AP:
The sisters were champions of the annual Corporate Spelling Bee for Literacy in northern Kentucky for years before giving others a chance to win.

But now the nuns are back, even if they're a little timid about challenging the reigning champions - a group of Boone County librarians.

"Librarians give us a scare," said Sister Mary Carol Hellmann, who says she's been brushing up on Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Spanish root words to prepare for the bee. Some of the other sisters say they use the Internet to practice.

Meanwhile, the librarians say victory won't come easy now that the nuns are competing.

"They have that strong Latin background," said Cindy Brown, director of the Boone County Library. Brown said her spelling team is made up of "voracious readers with a certain verbal attitude."

I'm betting on the nuns . . . they're a bit more feisty than your normal gaggle of librarians. The competition is tonight.

Kettle says: The Kettle is betting on the librarians! Separation of church and state! I hope they spell separate correctly, not the traditionally the incorrect "seperate"

Update: The damn chimopelagic librarians won. The Kettle disagreed with me, happy Zach?

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