Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Love and Hate in the Time of Netflix

I may start kicking myself that I did not join the class action lawsuit against Netflix. It is always during a long break they decide to screw me over by resorting to shotty service. For example, just last week, The Junebug should have been mailed to me on Monday and would have arrived on Tuesday, but for whatever reason Netflix wasn't shipping it until Wednesday and it arrived on Friday. Little things like this. And Junebug was something I really couldn't wait an extra second to see. (This is better than Christmas!) If you have seen the movie, you know what I mean. Meanwhile when I have no time to watch a movie anyway, they have no problem getting ridiculous movies like Red Dawn or Nuts to me in a heartbeat. Why those movies made it to my queue, well, we just may never know.

Anyway, Netflix is ticking me off. Sometimes the next movie comes from convenient New Brunswick, NJ while other times it is being shipped from Tempe, AZ, which I am sure is a delightful city, but their postal service leaves much to be desired.

Still, the resolution to the lawsuit was only going to be one month of upgraded service, which doesn't seem like much anyway. So in the meantime, Stage Beauty, next on my queue for whatever reason is arriving between Friday and next Wednesday.

Or I suppose I could just take this person's advice and get a life.

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