Wednesday, March 01, 2006

4 Days til Oscar

The Oscars are a mere 4 days away. Today I shall post a tribute to my favorite ladies of the year! (who should also be your favorite) Granted, I have not seen The Junebug. I have a hunch she would place. And I am not including the little girl from Crash, even if she made me bubble over with warm, fuzzy feelings. I dont know if I just haven't seen enough good movies, but I was struggling to come up with 5. So be it. Anne Hathaway, from Brokeback just missed the cut. She was fun. The Pot and I enjoyed her smirk when Jake finally stood up to her jerk of a dad. And her scene on the phone with Heath was the best scene of the movie, in my humble opinion.

In descending order at #5, we have Tilda Swinton in Narnia. Granted, I took a lot of flack from the Pot for seeing this, as he claimed he wanted to, even though I don't believe it. The movie actually sucked, and included the ugliest, most annoying children ever. But Tilda was amazing as the Ice Queen and looked pretty good, too. She was slick and vicious and calculating and fierce and hott. All the best components of a villainess.

#4 Scarlett Johansonn in Match Point. OK, I might have even wanted to cheat on a wife with her. Kudos for actually playing a character largely unlikable (that is real bravery in Hollywood, Heath and Jake). She was utterly mesmerizing in a surprisingly non-Woody Allen drama.

#3 Keira Knightley, Pride and Prejudice. Ok, I am a total sucker for the literary period piece. So, this one had my name written all over it. Headstrong, but not annoying, she shatters her image of magazine cover girl, and proves she has a brain, or can at least pretend to have one, along with a razor sharp wit. The scene where she and Mr. Darcy become the only two in the room, dancing and talking is astonishing.

#2 Thandie Newton, Crash. Maybe anyone hanging upside down in a car about to explode and fighting for the one man she utterly despises to save her life is just fodder for a jaw dropping scene. But it is not only this scene and the fight scene with Terence Howard in the bedroom. Later she swallows her pride and apologizes and quietly asks her husband to come home. Thandie has finally shaken that whole Beloved debacle.

#1 Far be it from me to jump on the award starlet bandwagon. I don't think I have been this behind the frontrunner since Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry. Well, I guess Charlize in Monster, but Reese is perfection in Walk the Line. She has sass, admittedly, and finally seems to have become a mature actress, rather than schlumping in generic romantic comedies. If she ever puts out on album, I would be the first to buy it. If Walk the Line continued for another hour, I don't think I would have minded at all. If I ever go on tour, I want Reese beside me. Congratulations, Tracy Flick

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