Saturday, March 04, 2006

1 Day til Oscar

Ok, one day away to the Oscars. Rather than root for someone (although I am behind many a performer) but rather than root strongly for someone, I somehow always seem to find myself adamantly rooting against certain people. Like Jennifer Aniston at the Emmys for instance. So who will I be strongly rooting against tomorrow evening? Unfortunately, that distinction falls solely on the sad little shoulders of Michelle Williams. Which is a little weird because I do like her, and am so happy for Jen Linley from the Creek. And I hope Katie Holmes is seething as Tom Cruise pokes her with a scientology prod or something. But back to Ms. Williams, to quote good old Zachary Roman, "She may win an Oscar for having a sad face." She was mopey at her wedding, she was mopey during her marriage, and she was mopey when she found out her husband was the homogay. So she was mopey and sad, and then added a stitch of anger. Pretty one note. I was more partial to Anne Hathaway. As were snubs Thandie Newton and Laura Linney in The Squid and the Whale, whom I haven't mentioned yet in this Oscar tribute. She, as always, was great. So, sorry Michelle, but I am rooting against you pretty hard. Here are the rest of my priorities and wishes for what will probably be a ho-hum ceremony.

5. A loss for Michelle.
4. Thandie is in attendance and divine. Keira too.
3. Dolly Parton brings the house down.
2. My father, who last year bowled me over with pride when he said, "If she [Hilary Swank] doesn't win an Academy Award, then I don't know what you have to do win one." gets involved. After a breakthrough in conversation like that last year, I am encouraged.
1. Jon Stewart keeps the political to a minimum.

And now, I will throw a shout-out to the Pot's fave performance/biggest snub of the year, Sandra Bullock in Crash. She was surprisingly good, and amazingly bitchy. Although I think the Pot liked her yelling at her husband "I just had a gun pointed in my face!", pre-falling down the stairs, I enjoyed her speech "I am angry all the time and I don't know why." It resonated with me... for some reason.
Happy Oscars! Fingers crossed for a tolerable broadcast.

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