Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day, No Big Whoop

So February 14 certainly has snuck up on us. God bless blizzards for taking our minds off the truly important! Nevertheless, 2006 will be the year of being a smidge less cynical. Baby steps, just a smidge. And although today has seemed to pass without anything to thoroughly annoy or depress, I have stumbled upon some signs evoking that deliciously sinful world of cynicism. Like Satan in the Garden of Eden, temptation is a tricky business. Especially something as tempting as hating Valentine's Day. Still, indifference is the spirit of the day, and dare I say, a whimsical nonchalant-ness is on the rise. So here are some tidbits on V-Day, ranked in ascending order from that nasty cynicism - which was so '05, and '04, and '03... - to sheer whimsy. Interestingly, I just looked up the word whimsy in my computer's dictionary. Its second defintion is: an idea that has no immediately obvious reason to exist. What a ponderous parallel to V-Day. Let's start there with our most cynical thought. And isn't it great that is the worst sentiment of the day?

There was this little bit in the news. I suppose it is odd that such a sarcastic spirit is becoming so prevalent. A tradionalist at heart, I would hate for all holidays to get so tainted. But might I say, I am a little happy about deflating the day just a bit.

Why this is news, we may never know. But so sad for Japanese women. Would it kill the Japanese men to give a little sugar? Jeez. (Notice how I am now rooting for Valentinish feelings?)

Moving along:
Let's bring on some happy! One sure-fire way is with a little drinking. This drink sounds a little suspiscious, possibly too Bibi-pink, but it does claim to work for "year-round seduction." Does that sound creepy, in a Cinemax kind of way?

The above picture of sweet old thing, Lucille Bluth. Before my old desktop computer crashed, when I was an up and coming t-shirt designer, I masterfully put that picture together with this thought: Happy Valentine's Day, and if that isn't your thing, just get drunk and dance! Aww.

Tomorrow the year gets exponenentially better. With a long, sunshine-filled 7 months of Easter bunnies, St. Patrick's day, and getting tan to look forward to before the gloom of back to school and birthdays.

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