Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Everything You Wanted to Know About an Arrested Development Party, But Were Afraid to Ask

Ok, I was hoping it wouldn't be so soon in my blog life to out myself as a freak Arrested Development fan, but the two hour season/series finale is a mere 73 hours away. Time is wasting to plan the ultimate AD party. I have thrown together some helpful hints (aka strict guidelines) to follow when you plan your Arrested Development party. Believe it or not, I am not a licensed party planner....


Come dressed as your favorite Bluth: orange prison jump suits, blue men, Mrs. Featherbotton, a red “slut” tank top, Buster gear, army, leather daddy, Uncle Sam, or just smooth like Gob.

The Menu

Hot Ham Water
Assorted Appetizers...with club sauce
The Ike and Tina Tuna
Frozen Bananas

Prizes will be awarded for...
1. Creating the best Lindsay-esque cause
2. The best imitation of a Gob "final countdown" dance
3. Recreating a buster panic attack
4. If you can stay in Michael’s character and ridicule other party guests with utmost sarcasm and dead-pannery
5. Figuring out what to do with Maeby
6. Getting over your need for cutoffs, and bounding down the stairs naked
7. Saying "bob loblaw law blog" ten times fast
8. Singing a fun rendition of "Tymocil!"
9. Doing a George Michael Jedi fight against yourself. Bonus points if you win!
10. Frighteningly winking like Lucille

1. Get drunk and diss your mom.
2. Make fake eulogies for your dad.
3. Make a bird, or a yacht, disappear.
4. Jerky Boys prank calls.
5. Make the Mexican maid feel uncomfortable.
6. Better yet, road-trip to Mexico.
7. Crash a high school dance.
8. View an incestuous French film.
9. Do bad auditions for commercials.
10. Exacerbate one's vertigo.
11. Take your daughter to work.
12. Karaoke “Afternoon Delight”
13. Mommy, what will I look like?
14. Banner-making!

Every half hour: random chicken dances
Party favor: whistles
Trivia contests: winner gets the Kitty.

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