Friday, February 17, 2006

At Nature's Mercy

How bout we talk about getting flat tires? It can be problematic. Very. In fact, it is one of the most powerless feelings ever. And to think, Ford Rangers were supposed to be butch, quasi invincible. But no, the rear driver's side tire took a good slashing. That's right, the garage man said it looked like the tire had been slashed. The cut in the tire was so perfect, it couldn't have been an ordinary puncture.

So to summarize:
1. I have annoyed someone enough that said person resorted to slashing my tire to vent his or her anger. On the bright side, it is almost like something out of The Outsiders. That's right, Sodapop.
2. The slasher had all the power and I had none. I know from Lifetime that when a woman gets raped she feels powerless. Well... Not that I am equating my misfortune to sexual assault, but there may be more similarities than meet the eye. The world was just awfully big and cruel at that moment.
3. Did we know that patching a tire is remarkably similar to taking a piece of chewing gum and just sticking it over the hole? I kid you not.
4. Pray for me.

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