Monday, February 20, 2006

And don't let the door hit your enormous, untalented ass on the way out

The Reign of Horror that was Friday nights 2005 at P-dice is over! Victoria Stiles' year as Miss Paradise is finally over and, boy, was it a tough year. In the spirit of un-PC analogies, I feel as if I am sprinting out of a concentration camp and into a brand new world. A world where Victoria Stiles has been expelled. Of course, we have no idea who the new Miss Paradise is, and it just might be someone equally horrendous. But that is no matter. The bitch-enemy of my drag queen horror is my friend.

Here's what the Pot and I will not miss:
1. Where are my alcoholics?
2. Her "dance" moves which merely mimicked self-gratification or fellatio.
3. References to her 12" penis. Allegedly.
4. You don't walk in front of the stage. Actually, it's a bar and people walk around.
5. Did you douche?

Gross. And like a Jennifer Lopez movie, Enough.

I cannot speak for the Pot, but here is what I, personally, will miss: the silence. The silence in the room when she made a joke, finished an act, implicitly begged for applause...

Skwire writes: I concur 100% with the kettle, but i post the following picture to show how truly HOrendous Ms. Styles really is:

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